• SCT Balancing System
  • SCT-Balancing System

    The metal cylinder locates in the lure's head, being across the body axis. It's flat ends are in fact the lure's big eyes. Big and rather heavy free-moving metal ball can roll from one flat end to another (from right eye to the left and back). This ball never can be fixed at the body's axis of symmetry - it always tends to the left or right flat end's position. Accordingly the lure's center of gravity is constantly shifted. At retrieving, the lure moves not along the line pulling, but always to the side. Meanwhile the inside ball changes it's position onto another flat end of cylinder, and with next retrieving the lure will move to opposite direction.

  • Magnetic Force Balance
  • MFB System (Magnetic Force Balance)

    During casting the moving internal ball of MFB System moves to the tail of lure for achieving super-long casting distance. At line retrieving the ball is fixed with the magnet at the position, which provides excellent internal balance at any kinds of lure’s manipulation.

    MFB System (Magnetic Force Balance) II

    One/two moving balls (Floating/Suspend versions accordingly) and magnet create a unique system of balance, providing the most correct moving of the Center of gravity of lure even inside slim body’s shape. The most important effects of using MFB System II are super-long castability and easy manipulation with lure in any conditions.

  • Tungsten Moving Balls
  • TMB (Tungsten Moving Balls)

    Consists of 1 or 2 (depending on model) moving tungsten balls, which move to the tail part of hard plastic lure at casting and improve the castability. When you start retrieving, these balls return to the middle part of lure and can move from side-to-side like ball of KKBS.


    Balsa lures WOODY SOUL of PONTOON21 Lure Factory are made of high-grade quality wood selected with careful attention to all details. Shape and design of these lures are developed by skilled specialists having wide experience in hand-crafted balsa lures’ production. The lure Woody Soul you have in your hands now, is able to demonstrate all advantages of lure made of balsa with maximum effect: it begins to work immediately even at slow line retrieving. Exciting Woody Soul of Pontoon21 Lure Factory are equipped with appropriated high-grade components:Pontoon21 Easy Detach Powered split rings and C’ultiva hooks ST-36BC. These hooks have the best combination of gracefulness and durability, necessary for beautiful playing of Woody Soul Lures of Pontoon21.

  • GagaGoon systems
  • PBD (Prism Body Design)

    Having excellent action, such body’s shape is well-visible under any angle of view.

    GE (Gaga Eyes)

    Specially made eyes create the impression that GagaGoon constantly looks on you (or target fish) from any position – this provokes predator for attack not less than action of lure


    The special lip’s construction together with all features above provides the most real effect of alive fish, keeping castability as far as you want.

    KKBS (Koto-Koto Balanced System)

    One or several metal balls (the number and material depend on model) slightly move orthogonally to the main body’s axis creating a specific sound called “Koto-Koto” in Japanese fishing terms.