Fishermen's happiness as it is

Greedy Guts

   The unique shape of body combined with unusual location of Center of gravity, resulting of improved balance system MAG FORCE II create Greedy Guts, the lure with expressional game at any speed of retrieving. Jerking, twitching, ripping, pumping, etc. – with Greedy Guts you become a magician, dictating any your fantasy to lure and to fish.

Pontoon 21 Greedy Guts

Crack Jack

   The body design and MFB System provide super-long castability of CrackJack – maybe the longest one among all lures existing at the market today! All Pontoon21 lures have a very high stability in any kinds of water conditions, but CrackJack is unique even in Pontoon21 range. Add to this the highest responsibility to the slightest rod's moving – and it becomes clear that now you have full control over the lure's game.

Pontoon 21 CrackJack


   Ingenious body design together with tail’s shape provides extraordinary swimming characteristics of Awaruna.

    Side-ribbing enrich Awaruna swim action with new attractive nuances.

    Inside hollow groove gives additional flexibility to the body and simplifies rig’s making including the most complicated Double Hook Rig (see pictures of various rigging).

Pontoon 21 Awaruna


Pontoon21 PACO spoon is made of solid brass and has durable noncorrodible galvanic coating.


Universal spinner Trait Pontoon21 was developed for various fishing conditions including rivers and fast streams. The design of blade is based on well-known Swing type, but dimensions and proportions of length and width are carefully determined for each size of Trait spinner.

Pontoon 21 Trait Pontoon 21 Paco


   Cablista – the lure for those, who prefer active fishing with frequent changing of fishing locations as well as styles of lure's manipulation!

   Two tungsten moving balls (TMB system) provide extremely long casting distance.

    At regular retrieving of Cablista you will see a very interesting and express rolling combined with delicate wobbling action...

Pontoon 21 Cablista


    Rotund body of Jilt grub is as attractive as flexible to be successfully and easy used for any kind of rigs (see pictures of various rigging) including such complicated rig like Double Hook rig. This became available thanks to inside hollow groove and flexibility of material.

    The design of Jilt’s tail provides active and inflammatory game.

Pontoon 21 Jilt